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Texila Medicare is a professional health-care facilitator based in India which specializes in end-to-end cancer treatment facilitation. We are allied with some of the most renowned cancer speciality hospitals in India that offer cancer treatment of internaltional standards.

At Texila Medicare we ensure that you have a safe and professional experience. We help you handpick the best specialists from across India to ensure you get the best possible care for your treatment needs.

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For General Surgery include

Appendectomy Surgery

An appendectomy is surgical removal of the appendix and usually performed by laparoscopically (as minimally invasive surgery) or as an open operation.

Gallbladder Removal Surgery

Gallbladder removal commonly known as cholecystectomy is surgical procedures usually performed with minimally invasive techniques (Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy).

Hemorrhoids Surgery

Hemorrhoids removal commonly known as hemorrhoidectomy is surgical procedures for tissue located in the lower part of the rectum or around the anus.

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