Cochlear Implant & ENT surgery


Cochlear implants are the devices that are surgically implanted into your inner ear. They stimulate your nerve directly for hearing. This kind of surgery is ideal for individuals who have problems, obstruction involving the middle ear and ear canal of the tympanic membrane. You can wear the speech processor and an external microphone. The sounds are directly picked up from the microphone. They are carried to the speech processor through a cord.

Types of ENT surgery

It is a type of surgery used to repair the defects in your tympanic membrane in the ear. It involves placing a graft to the annulus of your tympanic membrane. It aims to close perforation and improve hearing. The aim of this operation is to eradicate the disease from your middle ear.
Salivary Gland Surgery
Salivary gland surgery is suitable treatment for the salivary gland cancers. In this approach, the salivary gland that is cancerous is removed.
Thyroid & Parathyroid Surgery
It is a kind of surgery used to treat the parathyroid problem. This thyroid and parathyroid surgery is performed with a tiny horizontal incision, which is in front of your neck, to rectify the thyroid problems. It results in thin and well-healed skin, leaving no scars.
Nasal Sinuses Surgery
It is a surgical procedure used for opening the pathways of your sinuses and clear the blockages. It is ideal for individuals with recurrent and ongoing sinus infections, for individuals with abnormal growths or sinus structure in their sinus.

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