Anybody visiting the Texila Medicare website to obtain information for themselves, their family or friends are advised to read the disclaimer and become familiar with our general terms and conditions. We would like to inform you that this Disclaimer is subject to change, occasionally. Before any person avails the services of Texila Medicare, a Contract Document which includes the details required and the terms and conditions of the service are signed after mutual agreement.

Our Services

Texila Medicare functions as a medical facilitator, carrying out functions such as providing a list of hospitals that suit client requirements, travel support, VISA support service, accommodation service, and hospital appointments. Based on the illness of the patient, a team plans the choice of hospitals and specialists needed for the treatment. We provide information about quality health service providers, which enables affordable service to needy patients. Texila Medicare does not provide any medical service or suggest any tests or treatments or medical procedures for symptoms.

Information on the Website

The information provided on the Texila Medicare website is carefully researched and provided only for information purposes alone. We do not claim responsibility for the accuracy, consistency, and timeliness of the information provided. The information is not all-inclusive and covers only a few diseases and conditions. Complete reliability on the information provided on the Texila Medicare website is at the risk of the patient. Neither does Texila encourage the user to rely solely on the information provided nor does it take responsibility for the precision of the information provided. The information provided by third party services and other details will vary with time.

Medical service and Third-party service providers

Before embarking on a journey to avail treatment in a hospital suggested by Texila Medicare, we suggest the patient meet and receive advice from a family physician or a trained health care provider recognized by the medical council of your country. We do not represent any hospital, country or any other health care provider; we do not guarantee the service and the quality of service provided by the hospitals.

The hospitals and health care centres listed on our website are carefully chosen by the officers at Texila Medicare. Each of them is personally visited by our personnel and examined for the standards of treatment, accreditation to the Indian standards of medical service governed by the NABH (National Board Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare Providers) and qualification of the doctors at the time of our visit. The situations, circumstances and the doctors might change with time. Keeping them in check and ensuring the accreditation and facilities are up to date is the responsibility of the respective hospitals. Hence Texila has no direct or indirect responsibility for any of the changes mentioned above.

The third-party service providers like airlines, hotels, spas, accommodation, transportation providers, interpreters are not employed by Texila Medicare and are in no way affiliated to Texila Medicare.

Though all the third-party service providers are carefully interviewed and reviewed by Texila Medicare for their service levels, we do not stand guarantee for their services or any delay, default, failure, improper services, discomfort or negligence in services provided by the third-party. 


The user of any service of Texila Medicare will insure Texila Medicare, its owners, employees agents, sub-contractors, subsidiaries from any liability, direct or indirect loss, consequential loss, legal fee, on trial or appeal, made by any party including the third party due to the user’s act or omissions including claims for use or misuse of this website, postings, blogs, reviews or content or his/her own violation of the terms of Texila Medicare.


As per our privacy policy, the information provided by the client/ potential client at any stage will not be disclosed to anyone.  It is held with the utmost privacy and is provided to third parties when needed only with the consent of the client. Though we expect the same from the third-party service providers, privacy levels cannot be guaranteed with reference to third-party service providers or their associates. 

Permission/License of content

Texila Medicare grants permission/ license to anyone to read, review and access the contents of the site as per the terms and conditions of our website, available on our website.


By using our website and reading and reviewing the information provided you agree to our terms and conditions.

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