Brain Tumor Surgery

Brain Spine Surgery

Brain Tumor Surgery
The brain is one of our most vital components as it controls all the functions of the human body. Consequently, a small malfunction in the brain can cause several problems and affect the overall harmony and balance of the body. Brain surgery is a common term applied to various medical procedures that involve correcting the structural problems in the brain. It is a critical and complicated process. and the surgeon should be very careful while performing the surgery and during post-op care as well.

When is brain surgery necessary?

Brain surgery is performed to correct any abnormalities in the brain. Some of the reasons why patients opt for brain surgery include:
Abnormal blood vessels
Blood clots or excessive bleeding
Brain aneurysms
Damage to the protective tissue
Brain abscesses
Pressure after a head injury
A stroke or brain tumour
Nerve damage or nerve irritation
Skull fracture
Epilepsy and fluid in the brain

Types of brain surgery

Craniotomy- it involves making a slit or an incision on the scalp near the area that is to be treated. Typically, this type of surgery is required to remove tumours or abnormal brain tissue, drain blood or fluid.
Biopsy- it is the removal of a small portion of the brain tissue so it can be tested under the microscope.
Endonasal Endoscopic Surgery- it allows the surgeon to remove tumours from the nose or sinuses.

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