Appendectomy Surgery


Appendectomy Surgery
An appendectomy is a surgical operation in which the appendix is removed. The procedure is generally performed in an emergency case. It is used to treat acute appendicitis and may be performed using the ‘laparoscopically’ open operation. The doctors usually perform a keyhole surgery and it is less invasive. A surgeon inserts a light camera through the incisions.
When the appendix becomes severe, it can cause severe pain. Doctors insist on performing surgery based on the condition that the appendix is in. Removing the appendix is not an easy task so the surgery is done by skilled doctors.
Appendicitis causes abdominal pain, around the region of the bellybutton. Some of the other symptoms are:
Appetite loss
Frequent urination
Types of Appendectomy surgery
There are two types of surgery, used to remove the appendix. Open appendectomy is a standard method and the less invasive approach is laparoscopic appendectomy.
Open appendectomy
It involves a cut or an incision, usually 2 to 4 inches long. It is made in the lower right-hand side of your belly. The appendix is removed before closing the wound with stitches.
Laparoscopic appendectomy
It involves making 1 to 3 tiny cuts in the abdomen. A small tube called ‘cannula’ is inserted. Surgery will be done using this small video camera and surgical tools. It takes place via a TV monitor, used to see the abdomen and guide the tools. The appendix is removed through one of the incisions and the opening is stitched closed.

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