Hemorrhoids Surgery


Hemorrhoids Surgery
When the blood vessels around or inside the rectum and anus are swollen, hemorrhoids surgery must be done. It will remove the swollen vessels altogether. The swollen vessels are referred to as hemorrhoids. The most important aim of this surgery is to remove hemorrhoids and restrict blood supply effectively. The major causes of hemorrhoids are pregnancy, low-fiber diet, obesity, severe constipation, straining during bowel, and chronic diarrhea.

Types of Hemorrhoids surgery

Rubber band ligation
This type is useful for treating prolapsing or bleeding internal hemorrhoids. During this procedure, a rubber band is tied around the hemorrhoid base to restrict the blood flow. One might not feel severe pain but feel mild pressure or discomfort.
This type will treat the internal bleeding hemorrhoids which are not protruding. During this procedure, the doctor will make use of infra-red light or electric current on hemorrhoid to make it shrink. It is performed with the help of anoscopy.
Here, a doctor will inject a chemical solution into the patient’s internal hemorrhoid. This process causes the hemorrhoid to shrink. Then it causes the appearance of the scar tissue after which the hemorrhoid will fall off.
The major process of this procedure is to remove hemorrhoid. Here, the doctor makes use of ultrasound to detect the blood vessels causing the hemorrhoid. This is useful when the first rubber banding fails. It is also more effective than rubber banding.

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