Breast Augmentation Surgery


Breast Augmentation Surgery
Breast augmentation (augmentation mammoplasty) involves using breast implant procedures to increase the size of your breasts. This is the significant role of this augmentation. The procedure can also restore breast volume and give them a proper size. It improves natural breast size and any asymmetry. It makes women feel more confident and helps in rebuilding the breast for various conditions. You could talk to a plastic surgery consultant and understand the surgery clearly. It is done for the following reasons.
To increase breast projection and fullness
To enhance balance of breast and hip contours
To create good self-image and boost self-confidence
To create good self-image and boost self-confidence
Saline-filled breast augmentation-
It involves a silicone outer shell filled with sterile salt water. During the implant operation it is made sure to obtain either smooth or textural shells. They are used as revision surgery to improve the results of initial surgery.
Silicone-filled breast augmentation-
These breast implants consists of silicone gel filled into shells made of silicone. They are more like natural breasts. They come in different sizes and are textured or smooth. This breast augmentation is approved for women about age 22 or older. Regular visits to the surgeon in case of this augmentation is important.
Gummy Bear breast augmentation-
This type helps maintain the shape and size of the breasts even after the shell is broken. The consistency of the gel is thicker resulting in firmer implants. It has more projection at the bottom and tapered towards the top.
Round breast augmentation-
It tends to make breasts appear fuller than the other augmentation processes. High profile options can achieve even more projection by this augmentation. Since they are round and look the same all over, there is less concern about how they look if they rotate.

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