Tummy Tuck Surgery


Tummy Tuck Surgery
To remove the excess skin and excess fat from the tummy or lower abdominal region, this type of cosmetic surgical is performed. This procedure has been named ‘tummy tuck surgery’. It is also known as ‘abdominoplasty’. For tightening the muscles in the abdominal wall too this procedure is performed. Usually opted by women after pregnancy, this surgery helps reduce the size of abdomen. Also, those who want to lose their excess body weight can make use of this surgery. Tummy tuck surgery will be done within one to five hours. This surgery can be performed by simply staying overnight in the hospital. Depending on the condition of the patient after the surgery, the discharge is determined.
Types of tummy tuck surgery or abdominoplasty:
Complete abdominoplasty
In this procedure, the surgeon or doctor will cut the abdominal region from one hipbone to the other. After that, as required, the tissue, muscle, and skin are contoured. Mainly this procedure involves moving the belly button of the patient and you may require drainage tube under their skin for certain days.
Mini or partial abdominoplasty
There are some people in whose body fat will be deposited under their navel. Such people opt for mini abdominoplasty. Here, the surgeon or doctor will never move the belly button and the fat is removed without altering the position of the belly button. This surgery will take up to two hours.

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