Reconstructive Surgery


Reconstructive Surgery
Reconstructive surgery involves repairing damaged body parts and restoring function. It is performed to improve and reshape bodily structures. From head to toe, reconstructive surgery can be performed for a wide range of conditions. This surgery includes several techniques and is performed by plastic surgeons. The main aim is to restore the body or the function of a specific body part. This surgery can help restore body aesthetics, that are affected by congenital disabilities and diseases.

Types of reconstructive surgery

Breast Reconstruction-
It is a surgical procedure that involves breast reduction or enlarging. It can overcome various health issues by reconstructing the breast.
Skin Grafts-
This surgery involves transplantation of skin in specific parts and shifts to a new area. This is performed when skin is lost because of burns, injury or other illness.
Cleft Lip and Palate Repair-
It is a surgical procedure that involves primary cleft lip repair, that involves joining the incompletely fused areas of the lip.
Hand and Feet Surgery-
The surgery requires providing good shape or adjusting fractured limbs. It repairs or reconnects severed nerves and tendons. It is also the procedure used to attach severed fingers or limbs.
It involves various surgeries with the use of miniature instruments and microscopes. They include gynaecological surgery, general surgery and orthopaedic surgery. It is also performed to replace body parts that is lost due to diseases such as cancer.

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