Lip Augmentation Surgery


Lip Augmentation Surgery
Lip augmentation surgery is a non-surgical procedure or cosmetic surgery used to change the overall appearance of your lips. It will increase the fullness of your lips through enlargement using fillers. The main aim of this surgery is to give better volume to the lips. It will enhance the overall look of your face. This surgery is preferred by individuals with very thin lips.

Different types of lip augmentation

Non-surgical lip augmentation
It is a kind of lip augmentation procedure done with the help of dermal fillers. It is temporary. and will give your lips a chance to return to a normal state. This procedure does not require any downtime. This injection process is a virtually painless and short procedure. It takes less than 30 minutes.
Surgical lip augmentation
It is an alternative to the temporary fillers for your lips and is a permanent option. At first, you need to choose the desired size of the lip implant. The skin around your surgical area is sterilized at first. Then the lip area is anesthetized. After that, there is an incision made in every corner of your mouth to insert the fillers.
Fat grafting
It is another kind of lip augmentation process that uses your own fat. It is long-lasting. It is your tissue, so there are no possibilities for allergic reactions and so is a better option compared to the artificial fillers. Fat is harvested from the body and processed as well as cleaned before being injected into the lips.

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