Why choose Texila Medicare for your joint replacement surgery?

Why choose Texila Medicare for your joint replacement surgery?

The meeting point of two bones in a body is called a joint. The most strained and used places in every human body are the knee, hip, shoulder, and elbow. All our movements happen from these joints.

You will need a joint replacement surgery when you get old or when your muscles wore out. Joint replacement surgery is the one in which your joints are renewed by placing a fresh one instead of them. This procedure conducted is called orthopedic surgery.


Joints are the most used part of a human body and therefore get abased/old faster than other parts of the body. There are multiple symptoms and reasons as to why you will need a joint replacement surgery done:

  • You can’t make movements from your joints like you used to.
  • You experience extreme pain in your joint(s) in the morning, and the pain is a constant in your joint.
  • Physiotherapy has stopped working, and no medication is useful anymore.
  • Your tests show that you have advanced arthritis.

The cost of joint replacement surgery is very high around the world. In the USA, a total joint replacement surgery costs about $16,000-$60,000 depending on where you get the surgery done. In the UK, where medical care is more of a no-profit-no-loss system, a total joint replacement or a knee replacement costs around $7000-$9000.

Joint replacement surgery

Types of joint replacement surgeries

  • Knee replacement surgery.
  • Elbow replacement surgery
  • Hip replacement surgery
  • Finger replacement surgery


Joint replacement surgery is not the answer for everyone. However, it is the only way out of the painful clutches of the pain. Joint replacement surgery is an elaborate procedure and is conducted on a person of any age or gender.


In every surgery, the following procedure and process are followed:

  • Prepare the joint: Before the operation is conducted, any underlying bone or over-grown cartilage is removed to clear the passage for conducting a surgery.
  • Position the metal implants: the metal implants maybe are cemented into a similar joint structure, and this structure replaces the joint.
  • Resurface the joint: some surgeons don’t resurface the joints if not needed.
  • Insert a spacer: a plastic spacer is fitted between the new joint and metal components, which makes the joint smooth and natural.

Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery is the most popular surgery that is conducted. In a knee replacement surgery, the following steps are followed:

  • Clear the Extra growth
  • Position the metal implants
  • Resurface the joint
  • Insert a spacer.

This procedure takes 1-2 hours, and you can resume your daily activities after six days. It may take up to 6 months for complete recovery.

Knee replacement surgery

Hip Replacement Surgery

In hip replacement surgery:

  • A cut is made along the side of the hip, and the muscle joining the hip joint is exposed.
  • The ball of the joint is then removed with a saw.
  • The artificial joint is then attached. This joint is made from cement or any other unique material.
  • The usual routine function can be resumed after six weeks of a hip replacement surgery, and full recovery is made after six months.

Elbow joint replacement

Elbow joint replacement is also identical to any other joint replacement surgery.

  • In this surgery, to elbow is replaced by cutting the skin and tendons, and then replacement is conducted.
  • It takes at least six weeks to recover from the surgery and perform routine functions.
Elbow joint replacement

Shoulder Joint Replacement

  • Much like the hip replacement surgery in a shoulder replacement surgery, the damaged bones and socket joints are removed and replaced with a newly curated cement joint called the artificial prosthesis. Then a plastic cap is fitted to move to the joint natural and smooth. In this surgery, the ball is usually made up of metal, and the socket is made of smoothened plastic.
  • A healthy and routine function can be assumed after 2-3 weeks, and during this time, you aren’t supposed to lift heavyweight.
Shoulder Joint Replacement

Risks and complications of joint replacement surgeries

Not all operations end up the way we want to. Here are some essential tips and care for post-operation:

  • Keep the wound clean and dry. Any contact with water will spoil the injury and set-in infections.
  • Continue with your physiotherapy. Physiotherapy helps in opening up the new joint and get it to a healthy, natural movement.
  • Do not fall and strain your new joint.
  • Any blackness or growth in the injury is a sign of infection. Report to your doctor immediately

People affected by damaged joints

  • A joint replacement surgery in India costs only about $ 2093-$ 4000, which is cheaper than around the world. In India, over 70,000 hip replacement surgeries are conducted every year, and over 1,20,000 knee replacement surgeries are performed. It tends to be 60-80 percent less cost than what is charged in the USA and UK.
  • In the USA, they conduct over 600,000 total knee replacement surgeries; and 400,000 hip replacement surgeries every year. A total knee replacement surgery in India costs around $49,500.
  • In Africa, more and more young people are getting their joints replaced. According to a study conducted on 109 patients who underwent 113 Total Hip replacement procedures were of the average age of 47.4 years.

Why should they choose Texila Medicare as your healthcare facilitator for your orthopedic treatment or procedure?

Texila Medicare is a professional healthcare provider with allied in India which provides end-to-end medical care for the orthopedic procedure and holds a super-specialty in it. We have picked up the best health care specialists and house the best orthopedic surgeons in India.

We provide facilities right from the beginning, i.e., from pre-operation nutrition to post-operation physiotherapy. We adhere to international standards of caregiving and ensure that our patients get the best possible facilities according to Indian standards.

Statistics show that people who got their knee replacements surgeries done added 64,100 quality-adjusted life-years.

Texila Medicare has been the best facilitator for joint replacement surgery for years now and has expanded its outreach to India as well. We have partnered with the best orthopedic treatment centers and are harboring healing energy and exceptional talent in the field.

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