How to choose a Destination for Medical Tourism?

How to choose a Destination for Medical Tourism?

In recent times, the zeal to access better medical aids and facilities has led to the apparent practice of people traveling abroad to obtain medical treatment. Moreover, the term Medical tourism was often used in context for individuals who have been visiting form less-developed countries to major medical centres in developed counties for better treatment and prognosis of diseases. However, the services typically sought by travellers include elective procedures and complex surgeries.

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With the participation of multiple organizations in the global medical tourism market, it becomes increasingly difficult for travellers to choose the best medical tourism destination. Zeroing-in on the ideal destination is one of the biggest concerns that are to be considered when it comes to medical tourism. On the other hand, traveling and a surge in expenses goes hand in hand, thus, unavailability of budget flights or mean of conveyance can significantly alter the cost and hamper the purpose of the trip.

Increased awareness and adequate access to media have further carved the way for myriad tourists to flock to India as it is often regarded as the best country for medical tourism all over the world. On the other hand, the benefits of medical tourism in India to cater to high-end surgeries at reasonable prices allow attracts several medical tourists. Furthermore, Indian healthcare professionals and doctors enjoy a renowned status all over the globe for their expertise in the medical field, making it a primer medical tourism destination. Indian doctors and healthcare professionals are specialized in providing budgeted bypass surgeries and other high-end medical processes.

Although there is a list of primary catalysts that further contributes to the exponential growth of India as the best country for medical tourism all over the globe, however, the pertinent changes and the frequent amendments by the government of India have bought a substantive increase in the demand for medical facilities by medical tourists generally, westerners in medical tourism in India. As an addition, to the augmented efforts, the Ministry of Tourism is also a driving force for the rapid growth of this sector in the long-run thus, making it a lucrative medical tourism destination all over the world.

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On the other hand, the constant support of the Ministry to promote medical tourism among Indian diaspora and medical tourists through embassies and consulates is also one of the primary reasons that have driven myriad tourists to flock to India to access better healthcare facilities. Healthcare costs in India can be substantively low as ten cents on the dollar as compared to accessing healthcare aids in the USA or the UK. Moreover, establishments such as the Asian Heart Institute is a prime destination for cardiac bypass surgeries with the overall cost, which is approximately $10,000 less in context to the West, where it accounts for more than $100,000, making it an outstanding medical tourism destination all over the world.

The Indian Medical System is quite systematic and organized that further carves ways to accesses significant and immediate medical attention; therefore, also analyzed as a medical tourism facilitator. Apart from that, the easy availability of visas for medical purposes further draws the attention of medical tourists to visit India and are also such of the additional benefits of medical tourism in India. Furthermore, medical tourism in India comprises of medical treatments in India for several health ailments amounts nearly one-tenth as compared to the cost in America and even Thailand, one of the leading medical tourism destinations all over the globe. Moreover, the organized and the mitigation of unwanted chaos in addressing patients often make India the best country for medical tourism.

Currently, Medical Tourism in India caters to the demand for an anticipated $2 billion industry of overseas patients, often making it the best country for medical tourism. Approximately 100,000 patients choose India as their medical destination for the effective prognosis and treatment in India of the disease. According to Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), in 2015, Indian saw nearly 3.2 million medical tourists. Moreover, currently, the Indian Healthcare sector approximately amounts to $158.2 billion, one of the primary reasons for the continued growth of the industry is the dynamic private sector involvements in the industry.

The number of visits by medical tourists in Afghanistan fell from 61,231 in 2016 to 55,681 in 2017, which was the apparent result of the massive increase in Goods and Service Tax (GST). On the other hand, the unstable political system and poor baseline health indices are some of the prominent shortcomings in the Afghanistan medical sector. On the contrary, the lack of skilled and competent doctors in Bangladesh and unavailability of advanced medical equipment are some of the additional constraints which bar medical tourist from choosing Bangladesh as their medical tourism destination.

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The extensive use and availability of advanced medical and service equipment handled by highly trained doctors have explicitly led to the development of medical tourism in cities like Chennai and Noida, making it a premier medical tourism facilitator. Apart from that, constant efforts by the medical executives in minimizing the language gap have lowered the language constraints of the medical tourist in accessing better medical facilities helps in making India the best country for medical tourism. Additionally, a majority of Indian hospital and healthcare societies are emphasizing on bringing in translators for non-English speaking foreigners for developing an adept two-way communication process.

Texila Medical Tourism

To avail of the efficacies and the advantages of the Medical Tourism in India, it is essential to have a coherent knowledge of all cost-effective medical tourism destinations. Introducing Texila Medicare, an Indian based medical tourism facilitator that is devoted to providing world-class to overseas patients. The body comprises an experienced panel of experts who works on a systematic plan of researching before onboarding to a hospital. Apart from that, the Texila has active collaborations with some of the top-rated hospitals all over India. The medical tourism packages provided by the Texila Medicare are based on the affordable prices and world-class services based on no comprises.


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